What We Do

BMR Homes Inc. Remodeling and Restoration is a local business servicing the Birmingham Metro Area since 2005. We offer a wide range of services from kitchen and bath remodels to fire and storm repair.

When it comes to remodeling your home, we can take care of anything and everything you may need. Our specialties include whole home remodels, aging in place and traumatic injury remodels, kitchen and bath remodels, and window replacements.

When a family needs help picking up the pieces after an insurance loss, we help with everything they may need from start to finish. From helping with the insurance company and cleaning up, to bringing everything up to code and completing their home as soon as possible. We enjoy working closely with families and making sure they are taken care of during a stressful situation.

Our goal is to make sure our customers feel like part of the family!

Let us help you with your remodeling project!

Green Building

Green Building is more than solar panels on roofs and a wind turbine in your yard. It’s about updating the things that are already a part of your home. For example replacing old windows and doors or adding spray foam to insulate your attic, helping save energy and bring down your heating and cooling bills. Green Building is creating a more energy efficient home for you and your family, and to help save you money where it counts. Some lenders even have special loans for green built or upgraded homes, possibly qualifying you for a better mortgage rate.

Here are a few “GREEN” improvements you can make to your home that will start saving you money as soon as they’re installed:

* Replace your gas water heater with a tank less one
* When replacing windows go with insulated low E Glass
* Replace your toilet with a low flow unit, using less than a gallon of water per flush
* Upgrade your attic insulation to a fiberglass insulation or open cell spray foam
* Replace your thermostat with a programmable one


  • They redid my kitchen after it flooded, and they worked quickly and did a fantastic job. Honestly, though, the thing that will stick with me is the customer service. - Joel
  • Great people that do solid work! Would recommend them to anyone who wants it done right!- Shane
  • This company is very professional and finished my bathroom remodel in a very short time. The owner communicated with me throughout the process, and I always knew what was going on. Would recommend Chris Youngs and BMR Homes to everyone!- Suzette